We offer several sizes of powerhead to suit different applications from 70,000NM to 300,000NM, with some sizes available ex-stock.

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Q: How did Russell Heale Engineering start manufacturing Powerheads?

Following extensive experience rebuilding powerheads manufactured by others we embarked on setting up our own manufacturing facility, building quality robust powerheads specifically designed for the screw piling industry. This has enabled us to design out the weaknesses, we are the only specialist powerhead manufacturer for the piling industry.

Q: Why choose a Powerhead made by Russell Heale Engineering?

The powerheads that we build are unique in their internal design. They are designed for screw piling and the duty cycle demands that come with this type of work. They can also be used for augering applications.

Experience has shown that there are enormous levels of heat generated by the gearbox during the continuous use experienced when installing screw piles.  To overcome this heat we install a thermostatically controlled oil cooler to the powerhead hood.

We have had powerheads working in the field since we started making them two years ago without any problems.

Q: What speeds can I expect from the powerheads available?

Speeds may vary depending on machine size and pump capacity.

Typical Start up Speeds

Each powerhead has a different start up speed and those provided below are based on typical speeds for a 25-30 tonne excavator.

100,000Nm powerheads have approximately 40 rpm at start up which is a very good speed for augering and getting piles down through the softer materials very quickly.

150,000Nm powerheads have a slower speed of approximately 30 rpm.

300,000Nm powerheads have approximately 15 rpm. The alternative to a 300,000Nm powerhead is to use a combination of a 100,000Nm or 150,000Nm powerhead and a 300,000Nm multiplier, which would enable faster output speeds. To find out more about our multipliers click here.

Q: How do I get further information?

If you would like information about likely output speeds for a specific machine please contact us and we can obtain the relevant hydraulic flow charts and advise the likely output speeds.

If you would like to discuss these options you can also call our office on 07 5593 7755.

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