Horizontal Piling

We are the horizontal piling experts!

We have completed several projects over the past few years using horizontal piers, and this experience has resulted in R&D to build a specially set up powerhead specifically for this application.

We believe we are the only contractor who has perfected this design.

If you have a project requiring bank stabilisation and think this might be a solution to your problems, give us a call on 07 5593 7755.

Case Study- Horizontal Piles in Noosa

The brief was to build several temporary retaining walls to enable the construction of a residence at Noosa on a hill with an gradient of between 30 and 35%. The slope was very loose and sandy and the access difficult.

To get on site a huge tow truck was parked at the top of the hill which helped pull the excavator up the slope. A crowd gathered to watch this incredible sight!

The machine has been specially set up to install raked piles with the powerhead tilted as per the photo. These raked piles held the retaining walls into the hillside to enable the construction of concrete walls to support the structure.

A flying fox was used to get everything including the piles up the hill (see below). This was a very useful piece of kit as walking from the bottom of the site to the top leaves the average joe out of breath and in need of a rest!!

We were on site for around 3 months due to the challenges of the site and the job was completed safely to the credit of our operator.

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